The long-anticipated arrival

Ava at four days old on our last day in hospital

Ava Ella Edwards was born on April 4th by Caesarean section. She weighed 3.31 kgs and was 50cm long, and scored 10/10 on the APGAR tests (that’s my girl!). She has fat cheeks and busy fingers and long feet and a head of light-brown-reddish hair and a Cupid’s bow mouth. She only ever cries until her demands to be fed/to get this nappy-changing business over with are met – which is perfectly reasonable. And when she does cry, it’s in a really mournful, existential-angst kind of way. I’m so thrilled I don’t have a whinge-y, petulant crier (yet… don’t want to jinx it).

She is so enormously important and precious and I am completely smitten.

Dylan is an amazing parent. In a lot of ways, he’s more intuitive than I am. He’s already better than I am at swaddling, burping, getting her to take her dummy and putting her to sleep. On our first night at home, when she just wouldn’t settle down, he slept with her on his chest for hours.

I’ve never seen him happier.

[Note: I will be blogging at My Bundle from now on. But don’t expect anything up there for a little while – I’m kind of busy taking care of a tiny person these days!]

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