The things I couldn’t live without

I’ve managed to (largely) avoid serious discomfort and grumpiness recently thanks to:

  • Penicillin
  • Cherry Melon stretchy-top shorts
  • Butterscotch-flavoured Sparkles
  • My Preggie Roll pillow
  • A Mamma Mio pregnancy foot massage and pedicure
  • Cold red grapes
  • Coke floats and Brown Cows
  • Bicarb of soda (I tried it for heartburn when I ran out of Rennies, and it really works, but it tastes disGUSting)
  • The entire series of The West Wing
  • The swimming pool
  • Dylan’s T-shirts (even more comfortable than my maternity tops)
  • Cool winds coming off the sea (no more 30-degree days)
  • My rubber Ipanema slip-slops (quite literally the only pair of shoes I have that fits me properly)
  • Dylan as hunter-gatherer and cook (especially the tomato, mushroom and feta pasta sauce he threw together for lunch one day out of the sparse ingredients we had left in the fridge; and the fresh breads from The Food Barn Deli that he’s started bringing home)
  • Napping (I’m like a narcoleptic. I can be in the middle of doing something – reading, filing, cleaning – and then hit a Sleepy Pocket and pass out for hours).

[An update: I went for the final scan today at 37 weeks. The baby’s growth has slowed down a bit – they put her at only just 3kgs now, while if she’d carried on growing as she had been before, she’d be almost 3.5kgs by now – but the doc is happy. “A nice size baby”, apparently. The C-section is at 9am on the 4th – which means checking into the hospital by 6am! Gaah!]

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  1. I feel like Im watching a soapie/ Tv series of some sort! Have really been enjoying your blogs. I hope my bump continues so we dont get withdrawl symptoms/ get a glimpse into your new parenting life.

    • thanks, Vicky! stay tuned for the season finale, in about 9 days’ time! 😉 thinking of moving to a new address once the bump becomes a bundle – will keep y’all posted! 🙂 keep well in Chile. xxx


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