The great Baby Yippy second-name poll

Thanks to the bloody Beckhams, we’ve come a bit unstuck on the second name for Baby Yippy (so nicknamed by a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-sister on Twitter, based on Dylan’s profile info: ‘Party hippy, part yuppy’).

Although other people’s opinion will probably have little to no bearing on the name we end up choosing (after all the great comments on my previous name post – for the baby’s first name – we are going with a name nobody suggested and that doesn’t fit in with anything we’d thought we wanted), it’s always fun to find out what other people think when it comes to something as highly subjective as names.

The thing with second names is that they have to flow really well with the first and last name. I can’t tell you the first name we’ve chosen yet (it’s bad luck, yeah?) so you’ll have to give your opinion on these names based on their own merit and how you feel about them as as they stand.

Here’s the Top Five:

  • Harper: intended to be a reference to the author of a book we both love. But, as I said, we’re balking against giving our daughter the same name as a celebrity baby who’s already been paparazzi-ed more than the Queen of England and who might very well end up being the Paris Hilton or Kim Kar-crash-dashian of her time – not a legacy you want your kid to have. But part of me thinks the Beckham child’s name won’t have any bearing on what people think of Baby Yippy.
  • Abigail: meaning ‘my father’s joy’, which is really very cute. It’s also quite classic and won’t go out of fashion.
  • Chelsea: a name I’ve always loved, mostly because it makes me think of confectionery. And the baby’s due two days before Easter, so it fits.
  • Charlotte: it’s beautiful, and posh (although a lot of ‘posh’ names are being used by the American masses these days – this one is very popular on American baby name websites at the moment), and a name to grow into.
  • Ella: the double-E prevented us from choosing this as a first name, so I’m hoping to sneak it in as her middle name. The ‘eh-eh’ sound is less ridiculous somehow when there’s a first name that doesn’t have an ‘eh’ sound. It’s Dylan’s grandmother’s name, and I love it.

Let me know what you think of these. Like I said, it probably won’t make a difference to our decision, but do it anyway. You can add other choices if you like, and you can vote for as many names as you like, and as many times as you like. Hoorah!

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  1. Claire

     /  February 21, 2012

    Abigail is gorgeous! I love, love, love it. I can’t wait to meet Baby Yippy.

  2. Thanks, Claire! 🙂 She’s going to be totally spoiled by you and your man, I can just see it! Abigail is my favourite at the moment as well.

  3. vicky bourhill

     /  March 3, 2012

    my cousin is charlotte but only in the way that I am victoria….only really on paper! She is actually charlie which i really love! oh and her sister is chelsea. The other sister is paris which fits in with your harper dilema! Ella is one of my best friends. just a couple of observations! great options:)

    • Dylan loves the name Charlie – it’s the whole reason he is keen on Charlotte! 🙂 I think Chelsea is a gorgeous name but it seems we’ve settled on Ella, because of the family connection and because it’s lovely and soft.


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