Little face

I am probably biased, but I think this is about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Here’s the result of our (free! Chris Barnard hospital has already exceeded my expectations!) 4D scan from today.

As with all previous scans, the baby had her hands covering her face pretty much the whole time. We got some (more) great pictures of her feet and hands, but this was about the only decent one we could get of her face.

There’s a photo of Dylan taken when he was five days old, and I swear he had the exact same scrunched-up, open mouth. But I might be imagining things.

Either way, it was utterly, utterly incredible to get a glimpse of this little person’s tiny, adorable face for the first time. How lucky we are.

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  1. Adorable, can only imagine how awesome this must be for you guys!!

  2. Thanks, Van! It’s incredible.


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