All fingers and thumbs

The 22-week scan yesterday was incredible! It was at the Fetal Assessment Centre, where they’ve got the really fancy machines that show an engrossing (and, frankly, alarming) amount of detail.

Things we learned about our baby:

  • Her fingers and hands are very active: while we were watching, she made fists, pointed her fingers, gave thumbs-ups, waved, stroked her face, touched her toes – they never stopped moving the whole time. Apparently it’s a sign that she’s developing really well neurologically. Check out this pic that we got of her communicating to us from the other side of the *scary word ahead* placenta. Isn’t that cute? And funny? Ahhh…


Our little hippy flower-child, pulling the peace sign

  • Her fingers really are remarkably long – the radiologist even said the words “she’ll be a great pianist” (or similar). Which means I’ll have to get my piano out of storage and arrange to have it sent down to Cape Town in about five years’ time (of course she’ll be a prodigy, like Mozart).
  • She has no holes in her heart – we saw inside the four chambers, with the blood pumping in and pumping out, and all the walls perfectly intact. It’s a relief because holes in fetus’s hearts are relatively common (although a lot of them close before birth).
  • She doesn’t have a cleft palate or a hair lip.
  • Her spine is perfect.
  • Her eyes aren’t too far apart or too close together.
  • Her feet are longer than her thighs! Gross! But that’ll change soon, apparently. And it’s normal. Still, it freaks me out.
  • She doesn’t like posing for photos – she was really uncooperative again. It was a little embarrassing, actually. So I had to go for a walk around to try to jiggle her into a better position so that the radiologist could check her nasal bone. Which turned out to be perfect, after all of that.

So basically we found out that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her and that she’s completely, 100% normal. These big scans are quite scary because you just know they’re looking for things that could be wrong – you enjoy seeing your baby moving and being cute, but you don’t know what they’re going to find.

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  1. Nikki

     /  December 14, 2011

    Not 100% normal – 100% perfect!!!
    That is so amazing! Am sure her unwillingness to be photo-ed was because she was embarrassed about the size of her feet… 🙂


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