A milestone

Today is the halfway point in this bumpy journey: 20 weeks!

The baby is about as long as a banana now, which is literally unbelievable to me. Other than having a more assertively sticking-out tummy, I really don’t feel pregnant at all.

This is probably mostly because (*warning – scary medical prego term coming up – close your eyes if you’re squeamish*) the placenta is at the front, pretty much behind my belly button. So if the baby kicks and punches and moves around, the impact would be absorbed by the (*here it comes again*) placenta. I was told not to expect to feel any movement before 16 weeks, and not to worry if i didn’t feel anything by 20 weeks.

Apparently the first movement feels like ‘butterflies flapping their wings’ (I mean, honestly!), popcorn popping, or bubbles bursting. I’ve definitely felt little popping sensations, but don’t trust them. They’re probably just hunger pangs.

But other than that (which doesn’t really count), I haven’t felt the baby kicking or moving at all. I think once I do, it’ll be more believable to me that there’s a living creature curled up behind my belly button.

Around halfway in the pregnancy is when it’s recommended to look around for Lamaze-type classes. I’m having an elective C-section so don’t need any of the breathing/labour/delivery advice, but apparently they teach you all sorts of things about bathing, feeding, sleeping and generally caring for a newborn. Frankly, on that score, I need all the help I can get because I am absolutely terrified. And those classes are supposed to be especially good for the dads/partners.

So hopefully I’ll have enrolled in a scary-share-y childbirth class before the next post. I hope they don’t all spit at me when they find out I’m not going for ‘natural’ childbirth…

[On this note, *warning – rant ahead*,  I wish a thicker skin was a side-effect of pregnancy. I’m finding it hard to deal with people imposing their views and opinions on me, when mine are very carefully thought through and researched. For instance, don’t tell me that I shouldn’t be drinking Ceylon tea – even the most conservative experts say that an intake of 200mg of caffeine a day is safe – and that’s about two cups of black tea, one cup of filter coffee, five Coca-Colas a day – and if I have one cup of Ceylon tea a week, it’s a lot… But it’s like, as soon as you’ve got a bump, people think they can tell you how to look after it. As if you don’t care enough about your kid, or aren’t capable. Bah.]


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  1. Jenni

     /  November 25, 2011

    Miche, time to start letting go of other peoples opinions – trust yourself. People will think they know better no matter what age your child is – i still get un-asked-for advice, and Kai is nearly 18. Relax, and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Loving your baby is enough – your instincts will kick in and tell u whats best. Precious times ahead!!!

  2. 🙂 thanks, Jenni!


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