The Apple? Avocado? Applecado?

Much to my surprise, none of this date-of-delivery estimation is completely accurate (I guess the word “estimation” should have tipped me off). My specialist puts me at one due date and the fetal assessment centre put me at another. So, depending on which doctor you listen to, I am either 15 weeks or 16 weeks pregnant.

It doesn’t seem like a huge difference, but it leaves me with a cataclysmic dilemma. Which fruit is my baby this week?! I’m dying to be able to tell you with certainty that my baby is just like Gwyneth Paltrow’s, with the addition of the definite article: at 15 weeks, she’s the Apple who has become sensitive to light (even though her eyelids are still fused shut) and she’s developing tastebuds. At 16 weeks, she’s as big as an avocado and has started growing toenails. But I just don’t know.

At the scan today, her measurements put her somewhere between 15 and 16 weeks (which didn’t help my fruit issue AT ALL). I can’t believe that with all our medical knowledge and fancy machines, it’s not possible to know exactly how much pregnant I am.

Anyway, it was hugely reassuring to hear her heartbeat today, and to see her squirming around on the screen. Again, she wouldn’t lie still or cooperate by posing for a picture. I’m quite amazed she’s so active considering how lazy I am, and how, even before I got pregnant, if I dragged myself to two beginners’ yoga classes a week it was impressive. And yet, my baby is paddling herself around in her coccoon as if her life depended on it.

Maybe she can’t kick back and relax because her mother’s so highly-strung. She’s doomed to be an anxious worrywart unless Dylan’s que sera sera attitude makes an appearance.

Oh, and today’s scan proved that she’s all girl. In the specialist’s words, “Definitely no pee-pee!”

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  1. ahhhh, girly outfits 🙂 congrats!

  2. Thanks, Kate! I can’t wait to play with Barbies and doll houses again (although with my luck, she’ll be one of those tomboys who doesn’t like dolls)!

  3. Tess

     /  November 1, 2011

    In the fruit/veg world, those are 2 pretty good things to be, so you win either way. What was the outcome of your 300 extra calorie requirement? I think nuts are the way forward. Here in the UK, they tell you that you only need an extra 200 a day. Is that cause they want people to have smaller, easier babies to pop out with the NHS paying?

  4. who knows… I’ve realised that there is pretty much zero medical consensus on pregnancy. Some American books I’m reading say you need 400 extra calories, and a South African website says 300. I think people are just paranoid about obesity in the UK. Size of baby and number of calories the mother consumes are not directly proportional as far as I know.


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