The grimacing lemon

It’s 14 weeks today and my baby is my favourite as-big-as comparison – The Lemon! Like Liz! (Another 30 Rock reference, for the chops out there who didn’t get it immediately).

By now, the Lemon has started pulling faces down there in her little capsule. She’s frowning and squinting at nothing in particular. Just for the fun of it.

She could suck her thumb if she wanted to by now, but something tells me she won’t. Neither Dylan nor I were orally attached to our thumbs at all, and I’m guessing that like being able to roll your tongue upside down, thumb-sucking is genetic. Maybe not, though.

Her arms are now proportionate to her body, and much, much longer than her legs. Like an orangutan. Nice.

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  1. Linda

     /  October 20, 2011

    Lemons are good. Just bought a T-shirt with the inscription “If life throws you lemons, keep them. Hey, free lemons, right?” Excellent advice.


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